The most important step is the first one. 

The only way to really engage any audience is to remain authentic. What makes you, you. Together, we take a deep dive into who you are and what you need. Here we lay the groundwork for the rest of process. 


How does this come alive? What's the plan?

Writing, casting, location scouting, re-writing, production planning and assembling the right crew. Everything is checked and double checked before we shoot.


On set, I got this. 

No one person make anything great. This is no more true then on a film set. Talented people, working in rhythm to bring everything from the page to the screen. No trailers, no sitting around sipping coffee (though there is a lot of coffee) we are moving and grooving from call to wrap. 


Slice and dice. 

It all has to come together in the edit. More than just cutting some film together we take care of text graphics, visual effects, sound design, and music. Your final product comes out looking and sounding great. Ready for the big screen (and the little one too).