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The most important step, is the first one. 

Connecting with anyone through video is more than just the who, what, where, when and why. It requires a deep understanding of who you are and what are your goals. We’ll take time to ask questions, dig deeper and learn what’s unique to you.

Creative Direction

If a video is uninteresting and no one watches, did it ever happen? (Is it still on youtube?)

It’s important to take everything we learn from discovery and use is to share your story in the most authentic and engaging way on screen. By focusing on authenticity and leaving the sales pitch behind, this video will leave the audience inspired and excited about the future.

Film Production

On set, we got this. 

It takes a group of talented people to make anything great and this is no more true than on a film set. Working in rhythm to bring everything from the page to the screen. No trailers, no just standing around sipping coffee, (though there will be a lot of coffee) we are moving and grooving from call to wrap.

Post-Production & Editing

Slice, cut, chop, breathe.

It all comes together in the edit. More than just cutting some film together we’ll take care of text graphics, visual effects, sound design, and even more especially for this one, music. Everything comes out looking and sounding ready for the big screen (and the little one too).


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who we are


I am colin faust and I make faust film go.

But you could have guessed that.

I've spent over 10 years working in film and video production. Working with brands both big and small. As a Director I have worked with major brands like Wedding Wire, large government agencies in the CDC and NASA, and incredibly impactful non-profits like The Dave Thomas Foundation. As a DP I have shot for large universities such as Arizona, and Indiana University. Large financial and healthcare institutions such as JP Morgan, Nationwide Insurance, and Cardinal Health.

Now I bring that experience, and my POV, to brands that need help bringing their audience closer and more engaged through video.

But no one can do it alone.

In my time I have met and collaborated with some of the most talented video creatives on the both coasts. Together we are big and small.

Each project comes with a unique solution and requires the right people on the job. If it's a small documentary team or a one-man band, I got that. If you need a full set, talent and the right people to run a large production, we can do that too.

It's about you and your needs no matter the challenge.




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